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Top 3 Web Vitals: Website Re-Designed For Speed & Conversion

Website Speed & Conversion

Guideline Essentials On Having A Website That Converts

Avoiding common mistakes other website owners make!

Through the years – 15 to be exact, as a web re-designer, I have seen so many websites just exist online, not doing what it is supposed to do; that is to attract visitors and convert them to paying customers.

⁣One vital area I have often noticed is website speed optimization. ⁣

⁣Many sites simply fail to achieve Google Core Web Vitals!

What is Google Core Web Vitals?

⁣The Core Web Vitals, introduced in May 2020, are valuable metrics related to site speed, responsiveness and visual stability. ⁣

The Core Web Vitals focus on three simple user experience characteristics of a page:

  1. Loading Times should be 2.5s and below!
  2. Interactivity (Page Responsiveness) is the time your user is able to interact with your site, like scrolling or clicking on the site. It should ideally be 2.2s and below!
  3. Visual Page Stability is simply, the unexpected shifting of web elements while the page is being loaded. You will experience this mostly on mobile sites.

Why should you be concerned about these Core Web Vitals?

  • ⁣This affects your search engine results in terms of ranking. Google just hate slow site that does not comply with the Core Web Vitals.⁣
  • ⁣Your visitors are not going to wait for your page to load slowly. We live in an instant craving society. So we want everything fast and now.⁣
  • ⁣You will lose traffics to your site if you cannot be found on the search engine. No traffic equates to no sales.⁣
  • ⁣⁣You can spend lots of money on the best advertisement on the internet, but when users land on your website, they will leave immediately if your site is slow.⁣

So shouldn’t you take serious consideration to make sure that your website complies with the Google Core Web Vitals?

⁣Get in touch with me for a free review of your site and see if you comply with Google Core Web Vitals?

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