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4 On Purpose Power Steps: Creating An Outstanding BRAND


4 Simple Power Tips To Write Your Brand Story

When creating YOUR BRAND story, make sure to spend time considering these four simple yet powerful tips / questions:

#1. What problem do you solve for your customers?

PROBLEM: My customers face problems with converting online visitors to customers, getting traffic to their site and having a professionally designed and developed website.⁣

SOLUTION: ⁣I help customers to either set up a new website or redesign an existing website that can convert visitors to customers, implement branding strategies on the site, and get traffic to the website.⁣

⁣#2. What is the impact to your customer’s life if they buy your product or service? 

IMPACT: ⁣My customers will get a professionally designed website that complies with Google Core Vitals – i.e. a robust website which is secure, fast loading with good user experience and design stability.

With the chunk of technical stuff handled by me, customers will have more time to focus on building their business and spending quality time with family. 

#3. What consequences does your product or service help customers avoid? 

⁣BENEFIT: Getting a website designed professionally from the start simply helps avoid wastage of money and time.

Facebook ads and Google ads are getting more expensive, so a converting website or sales funnel help in better returns on investment.⁣

#4. What does somebody need to do to buy your product or service?

Potential customers need to see and know how to buy your product. ⁣

To do that, you put a “Click buy now” or “Call today” or “Sign up” on your site. Make it very clear and visible. ⁣

The action button should be in striking colour like red.⁣

I know these tips sound simple, but then there are thousands of brands who fail to tell their customers exactly what they offer and exactly how they can change their customers’ lives for the better. ⁣

In your marketing copy, don’t be cute, be clear. ⁣

Simplify your message, repeat it consistently using the same language; and customers will figure out where you fit in their lives more quickly. ⁣

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